Google Adesnse

Google AdSense - probably the loudest Pay Per Click Program. This is what is Google AdSense? Lithuanians, it is probably accessible source of money online. In short, your page will display content related advertising panels, for which the clicks you will receive the money. Note that the AdSense program, the money paid for a click, not per impression. And earn Lithuanian scale can certainly be: for the average click will get usually about $ 0.20, but the value of a click varies from $ 0.05 to $ 50, and sometimes more. This amount per click seems unrealistic, but there is - the amount usually paid by the costly services firms - lawyers, bankers.

To sign up, submit your site to be a model, which will review the Google AdSense editors. Sell panels placed in the English language content of the pages for one very simple reason - just to be here, and more visitors, and potentially besireklamuojančiųjų. And we have a simple rule - the more visitors, more clicks, more clicks - the more money. If you are already interested in the Google AdSense program, propose to register via the link here:

Advantages of Google AdSense

Where is the best place to put advertising panels? This depends on many things: from the theme, page, content, design. But before deciding, and the selection of sites will have the same answer a few questions. How to keep the page a nice, clean and neperkrautą? Visors must įsipaišyti in the text, so that, on the one hand, they nesimaišytų naršančių the eye, on the other hand, they must be observed (otherwise no one on their nespaus). It is therefore necessary to find the site design of the place where will be the biggest user's attention - they are often the place at the top, or next to the menu. Good idea to insert the panels into the interior of Article (as illustration) - often users click on the links as a source of additional information. It is also important to find out what exactly people are looking for, and hopes it is on the site, which persisted panels. And in general, what the consumers expect to find on your site?

Another important question is whether all pages have the Google AdSense advertising panels. If your pages are a lot of important and interesting content of the texts, the answer is unambiguous - yes. But try to do all we can - you try to embed the Google advertising panels even forums, image galleries, news magazines, youth portals. What is the best color palette to use? Take advantage of the Adsense program allows to change the color palette - hence Palette panels should be consistent with the overall site design, and advertising and is in keeping with a more likely result in more clicks.

- Easy to connect: Simply connect to the Google AdSense programos.o your account will be opened, if the sample website page to which you submit to, comply with the content. Kolka accepted only pages in English, but it is likely that the situation will change. even if the first time, your application will be rejected, you can try again.
- Simply put: the Google AdSense code you can just copy the HTML code. If you make a dynamic web page, based on example. PHP technologies, panels will be adding even more intuitive - modikuoti only need a bit of PHP code.
- Toll free: Log can be free. Currently works for Google AdSense publishers the system: if you recommend a friend to try the Google AdSense, where he earns his first century, you nubyrės as well - for the fact that it recommended. This increases the circulation of AdSense, while generous, and they beat in the industry.
- Shields diversity: Google team really tried: you can choose and text, and image, and link panels. But perhaps the most effective, most popular and profitable is a text panel. Graphic panels are sometimes discourage people, but it is important to note that the pay for one and the same for the other and, in general, regardless of your advertising panel or a puslapioje place it is situated, shall be paid for the click.
- Distribution panels related to the content: This is the panel related to the content of great benefit to all. And visitors to find related links, and site owner, because the greater the likelihood that users will click on the advertising panel. Now you supermarket, unpopular and inefficient order advertising, which is not the target audience.
- Advertising Channels: The channels will be able to follow the panels to appear on all pages, even in a separate HTML file. Tracking is very important, because it allows you to experiment and possibly increase revenue. Practice shows that the position of the advertising panel, the layout and color selection is the path to success, so nepabijokite to take some time for testing.
- Easy to maintain: and is suitable for beginners and professionals. You do not practice any oversight. As soon as find the best colors, the layout of panels (and it is not necessary), this option can keep for ever. The only thing what you have from time to time want to do - see how much money reached from advertising, but it is, in my view, a pleasure.
- Comprehensive statistics: Almost constantly updated real advertising panels statistics: how much money you earned today, and what was the effectiveness of advertising panels. Now, Google AdSense offers statistics to send e-mail - easy to excel, CSV and other formats. In short, here too, good consistency, you can find almost all possible information about the panel's performance.
- URL Filter: To nereklamuotumėte competitors can enter up to 300 addresses, which will not run advertising headlines. This is one of the contextual advertising (where the panel chosen by the content of the page) deficiency. If administered, producing pens site, and want to earn extra money, are unlikely to put adsense ads, because a large chance that it will be shown in the other competitors producing pens, advertising. However, and here Google šioį proposed such a solution, if there are not many competitors does not, they can just bring in the list and they will never be displayed on your site.

Google AdSense defects

- Non related links: Emissions Sometimes links can be completely unrelated to the content.
- Statistics: Although AdSense stats quite comprehensive, but it does not completely full of information - eg. under the keyword advertising panel was displayed.
- Confidentiality: Google AdSense rules prohibit the use of its AdSense for sharing information with others: it means that you can not tell anyone what your earnings, and even what is your page with ad visors address.
- Competitive ad placement: As the links appear are related to the page content, a very high likelihood that your site will show competitors links. Despite the fact that you can bring up to 300 IP, your business it may be disadvantageous
- Advertising panels distribution: If the composition of a number of advertising panels, the majority of them may be not at all related to the content, thus reducing the number of clicks. A decrease in the number of clicks guaranteed to mean a fall in income.

How to increase revenue with Google AdSense?

There are a few main directions, which should go in order to achieve higher income:

- Traffic flow: basic essence! It is very simple and rudimentary: the more visitors, the more of them may susigundys click on your advertising panel. And that usually means that the increase in your income. Visitors can bring benefit to just the content, which would be difficult to find elsewhere. If you are the site administrator, try to find people who can write for money turininingus texts. In addition, many would-called SEO - Search Engine Optimization. It should be remembered that it is part of the vast majority of visitors come to your site through search engines, it is necessary to make the site friendlier for search engines. So the more visitors prisitrauksite, the more money you can expect.
- Profitable advertising panels: Even if you have a few clicks per day, income may still be significant if each advertising panel will hit several dollars. Such money advertising, which is as valuable keywords.
- The content-related advertising: If the emissions are related to the advertising content, it will be more likely that visitors click on your ad. Stickers that are related to the page content, it is necessary to write a descriptive articles, which repeated the relevant keywords.
- Ordered added advertising: great effect by increasing the effectiveness of banner ads can bring to their fitness, adaptation to the site. Why fail Google offered the ability to customize the look of your dashboard page. You can try to make a shocking panel is different from the page content, or vice versa, the color palette, gently integrated into the content. Importance and its position: while most people put them at the top, but worth a try to put them next to the navigation menu, or say nice įpaišyti Article middle. Taking the most important experiment, and the results will certainly be, because sometimes these experiments can increase the number of clicks, even 2-3 times.

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